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By Linda Browneller, American Farrier Association, Certified Journeyman Farrier  

Educating yourself is the number one way to
insure your horse and horses under your care are getting the best hoof care available.

For horse owners

Some of the most important topics I cover with individual horse owners are:

  • Can I learn about trimming and shoeing my own horses?
  • Can my horse go barefoot?
  • Why do horses need to be shod and/or trimmed?
  • Recognize proper trimming/shoeing.
  • Critical hoof, foot, and leg care.
  • Is thrush a real problem?
  • Pulling a shoe.
  • Replacing a lost shoe.
  • Use of hoof boots.

For farrier students and recent graduates

Specialization, coaching, and mentoring are important components to the farrier's successful career. I can provide assistance with American Farrier's Association Certification for:

  • Intern Certified, IC
  • Certified Farrier, CF
  • Certified Tradesman Farrier, CTF
  • Certified Journeyman Farrier, CJF

Additional assistance inlcudes:

  • One-on-one attention and mentoring.
  • Assistance with written tests.
  • Locating apprenticeship connections.

You are welcome to contact me by sending me an email to: Linda

Additional help can be found at American Farriers Association

Finding a farrier

Contact me, Linda, for services in the Monument, Larkspur, and Palmer Lake area of Colorado. Also lok at these recommended sites:


In addition to individualized instruction, I have created clinics for both small and large groups on subjects including:

  • What is founder (laminitis) and how can it be prevented?
  • How to mitigate navicular syndrome and other lameness issues?
  • What is a hoof abcess and how do I treat its occurrence?
  • How do I know my farrier is doing a good job?
  • What are pads, bar shoes, and other other modifications and how horses benefit from their use?
  • How to provide optimal hoof care for endurance and other hard working performance horses?

If you would like to suggest a clinic, please use the Contact Me link to the left.

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